The Overall Collection



  The local media connections.


Local Talk Radio


Armstrong & Getty    910AM - Mon. - Fri.    6 - 9am    Link

 Fairly libertarian outlook on current issues and principles.


Brian Susman KSFO 560AM - Mon. - Fri. - 5 - 9am   Link

 Very good on most economic and property rights issues, especially the debate on government controls for "green" and other purposes.


Barbara Simpson KSFO 560AM - Sat. 5 - 7pm & Sun. 4-7pm   Link

 Very good on property rights issues.


Think Tanks:

 Independent Institute                          

 Pacific Research Institute (PRI)           

 The Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies at  Cal State East Bay  

 Hoover Institution                              


Taxpayer/Property Rights Groups

 Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

 Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) SF Bay Area Chapter



Any more to recommend?