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Patrick and Mary Peterson

Marnie Khaw, founder, Silicon Valley Libertarian Book Club

Matt Ogorzalek, Silicon Valley Chapter of SoLE (Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs)

Warren Gibson, frequent contributor to The Freeman magazine and SJSU Economics Instructor

Quee Nelson, author, The Slightest Philosophy

Corrie Foos, founder, Mt. Hamilton Society

David J. and Mary L.G. Theroux, The Independent Institute

Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd.

Agora Financial, LLC


Cordially invite you to the

4th Annual Ludwig von Mises Birthday Celebration


Date:   Saturday 29 September 2012   Time: 6 - 10 P.M.


The Silicon Valley Capital Club

50 W. San Fernando St.- 17th Floor,   San Jose (Validated /free parking available in same building)


Guest speaker:   Rick Rule


Ludwig von Mises was born 29 Sept. 1881, in the eastern part of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, but grew up and lived in Vienna, Austria.  Predicting the Nazi takeover (Anschluss) of Austria, he moved to Geneva, Switzerland in 1934.  But after the war started, even in neutral Switzerland he was not safe, having just missed kidnapping by the Nazi's at least once and possibly twice.  He escaped war-torn Europe in 1940, in a harrowing bus trip via occupied France, fascist Spain and then a boat from Lisbon, Portugal to the US.  He settled in New York City and was highly productive in his adopted America until his death on 10 Oct. 1973.


RuleOur speaker: Rick Rule began his career in the securities business in 1974, and has been principally involved in natural resource security investments ever since. He is a leading investor specializing in mining, energy, water, forest products and agriculture. Rick founded California-based Global Resource Investments, Ltd. 

A popular public speaker, Mr. Rule is a featured presenter throughout the world, such as being a perennial favorite at FreedomFest in Las Vegas and the Agora Financial Investment Symposium held in Vancouver each July.

Interviews with Rick Rule and his articles and commentary are frequently included in such sources as: TheDailyReckoning.com, TheDailyBell.com, King World News, The Gold Report, BNN, The Energy Report, metalsNews.com and SilverSeek, etc.

His research and brokerage capabilities are frequently recommended by distinguished financial newsletter writers such as Bob Bishop, Doug Casey, Adrian Day, Richard Maybury, Paul Van Eeden, Mark Skousen, Jack Pugsley and others.  You can find many videos of him on YouTube.com. 

Rick Rule was born in San Jose, and attended the University of British Columbia.  In November, 2010, Rule sold Global Resource Investments, Ltd. and its affiliated companies, to Sprott, Inc., a leading independent public natural resources investment manager, considered Canada's premier global resource oriented money manager.

As for his philosophy, Rule states, "I am not an economist, but rather a credit analyst and businessman.  My economic philosophies are aligned with the Austrian school, as a consequence of a life-long process of observing markets in action.  My political beliefs stem from a base that voluntary exchange is best, and that the initiation of force, fraud or coercion is immoral." 

Rick Rule will be speaking on the influence Ludwig von Mises had on him and on his very successful career.

Evening's Agenda:

6:00 P.M. - Reception

7:00 P.M. - Dinner

8:00 P.M. - Introductions, Speaker with Q & A

9:45 P.M. - Concluding remarks

Attire:  Business Casual

Event Price:  $100, includes special gift to all paid attendees.  Limited Student Scholarships available.


       PayPal to: patrickpeterson@yahoo.com    or

       Send Check to:  Patrick Peterson, 3582 Sunnydale Ct., San Jose, CA  95117-2951

Information:   Questions? e-mail: patrickpeterson@yahoo.com or call: 408-505-9041


Our venue is superb, with breathtaking views of the city, bay and surrounding mountains. 

But seating is limited, so make your reservations today!


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Venue is the Capital Club, San Jose. Link

Directions:  Link