Why Mises is Important

This Annual Mises Event is enjoying its 4th realization.  It is a celebration of the Dean of free market economics, Ludwig von Mises. 


The video at right does a fine job of outlining Austrian economics and economists.   Mises was one of the primary contributors to this distinctly different approach to economics than what has been in vogue for some time.


Ludwig von Mises was born 29 Sept. 1881, in the eastern part of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, but grew up and lived in Vienna, Austria, then moved to Geneva, Switzerland predicting the Nazi takeover (Anschluss) of Austria, then escaped war-torn Europe in 1940 via occupied France, fascist Spain and then a boat from Lisbon, Portugal to the US. settling in New York City (died 10 Oct. 1973). 


He was trained in and expanded the "Austrian School of Economics" tradition begun by Carl Menger and his teacher Eugen Böhm-Bawerk.  He not only did path-breaking work on crucial issues such as money, the trade cycle, the irrationality of socialism and the proper methodology of economics, but was a great defender of classical liberal ideas  -  the free society.


At this event:  Come meet others who have already been touched by the ideas of Mises.  You will experience gourmet food, good friends, rousing discussion and a talk, with full Q&A, on important aspects of why Mises is worth celebrating.


 Videos on Previous Mises Celebrations


2010 Celebration Video







2011 Celebration Video


Patrick Peterson making introductions.


Mary Theroux on Mises:

Economics Instructor Mark Brady on Mises: