The Bios


Patrick Peterson:  Chief Networker



Pat brings over ten years professional service in the Free Market non-profit world and over eight years in High-Tech to the job along with a 35+ year passion for studying and promoting ideas on liberty to SV Freer as its Chief Networker.


Prior to co-founding SV Freer, he was responsible for coordinating his son’s independent study education for over four years (8-13 years old).


He held various contract and employee positions in marketing and finance at the internet security leader VeriSign, Inc. for eight years, (1996-2004) helping VeriSign rise from 100 employees to over 2000.


Before moving to Silicon Valley in 1995, Pat was the President (and co-founder) of the Free Market Society of Chicago, an educational non-profit 501(c)3, which offered  seminars and events highlighting great free market economists and their ideas.  Regularly discussed were the prescient but often too little known ideas of Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek and Murray Rothbard. 


Pat created the original Development Director position for the Heartland Institute (, a premier Midwest think tank, located in Chicago, IL.  His work in fundraising, sales, marketing, and event creation and execution helped them grow from the founding 20 supporters to over 600 supporters with the budget growing from just $20K to over a quarter million dollars per year.


Pat earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Lawrence University, in Canton NY, as a Multi-Field Major (Economics-History-Government) – on American Studies.


Pat is excited about working with his co-founder Terry Gannon in creating SV Freer.



Terry Gannon:  Chief Organizer


Terry has enjoyed a long career as an engineering manager in the hi-tech arena of integrated circuits in Silicon Valley.   He had served in various capacities, even as a founder of 2 of the 6 companies at which he worked, Sun, Xilinx, SEEQ, Xerox, and 2 companies he cofounded.


His recent activities after retiring include doing some art and better understanding the issues of the day and how can others best discuss them.  It is there to add some value to the discussion of social concerns of our day that has lead him to this effort.  


His web skills have grown as has his engagement with several websites he has authored: and  


His cofounding with Patrick of SV Freer and its focus, is a culmination of several years of seeking to do something to expand and protect our freedoms.  The questions that some folks in Silicon Valley have are being answered here in a manner that will engage and make folks think. 


He earned all three Engineering degrees from UCSB, including his PhD in Device Physics.


It is our goal not to tell folks what to think, but to help them and ask them to think a bit more clearly with some additional tools and insights.  The future we give our children depends on it. 


As the phrase goes:  "eternal vigilance is the price of freedom," and at this time that has perhaps never been more true.