The Basics of this Website


We thought it important to present the best articles on the most pertinent topics, in the hope that folks would find them useful and accessible.   We are not interested in promoting group think or "join our team."   The world we live in has fire hoses of information and influence from all directions.   It is now clear that the citizens will decide the future of the country, and if left to the elites in DC we are in for a long hard ride.


Silicon Valley is one of the most creative and productive places on earth.  It has attracted some of the best brains, and most entrepreneurial and energetic individuals on the planet.  Products and services created in Silicon Valley fill and create world-wide markets and produce immense riches for the world:

·         The Valley’s namesake silicon chips, from microprocessors, to digital signal processors, to graphics chips, to 3D chips and more.

·         Personal computers, tablet computers, the best smart phones, and myriad other consumer and business products. 

·         Software and the Internet.  What other place on earth can come close to concentrated capital and productivity that produces such household name companies as Google, Oracle, Facebook, Yahoo, Apple, Netflix, Cisco, E-Bay, Zynga, Electronic Arts, etc.?

·         That’s not to mention other world famous companies that have their headquarters elsewhere but feel compelled to have major branch offices here to benefit from the synergy within this valley: Microsoft, SAP, Nokia, Hitachi, IBM, etc.

·         Venture Capital firms have played a huge role in Silicon Valley’s past success.  No other place in the world has such a concentration of such forward thinking capitalists.


But all these great achievements are in danger.  The threat is government and the idea that its coercive power to tax, to regulate, to subsidize, does not hurt: innovation, capital formation and the resulting productivity of Silicon Valley individuals and the companies they create and work for.  In fact, many people still believe that government coercion in these areas is a positive thing.


Consider: Venture Capital investment is down.  The state government has just committed to funding a hugely expensive ($100 billion plus?) rail project despite major objections, massive budget impossibilities, and their totally ignoring and impeding the promise of real, high-tech alternatives such as the Google driverless car technology.  Other grossly inefficient, massive tax money black holes suck up additional precious resources.  Massive numbers of petty new laws and regulations are passed almost daily hampering freedom of action in the Valley and raising the costs to live and do business here.  Local politicians seem oblivious or are major contributors to the looming State and Federal problems of unemployment, inflation, deficits and debt.


Purpose:’s goal is to make it easier for you to see the benefits of bringing more individual freedom into your life and your loved ones' lives in Silicon Valley.

We believe that self-awareness and self-improvement can overcome the barriers that government’s coercive actions and coercive ideas have put in the way of Silicon Valley.


 Methods:  We will:

1.      Provide you with regular e-mailed newsletters – to keep you informed of local events, news, and important tools you can use to regain your freedom,

2.      Sponsor local events - to bring gifted speakers with refreshing and positive ideas to you to meet and consider, live and in-person and mix with others also pursuing self-improvement,

3.      Provide a calendar of local events - put on by us and other trusted organizations (stressing freedom & logic) in Silicon Valley,

4.      Create local, state and national news commentary - to help you understand and act on local issues more clearly & effectively,

5.      Facilitate webinars - to provide you highly cost-effective, live and recorded (available 24x7) learning opportunities,

6.      Network with other organizations - to stay on top of the best developments and ideas to bring you their experts and expertise, so you can benefit from their insights and success.

7.      Make a positive financial difference in your life – by cluing you in to key insights, habits and practices of successful individuals.